In what way do Vietnamese people deal with the rising water?

Can they learn from our experiences?

Or maybe the other way around?


Living with the Mekong: Vietnamese people and climate change

Landscape Architecture Europe #4 now available as iBook

New: The rooted city – 30 European capitals and their connection with the landscape

Thinking about borders:
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Living with the Mekong

Climate change and urban development in Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta

In ‘Living with the Mekong’ architect Joep Janssen gives a personal account of how Vietnam and the Vietnamese people cope with the consequences of climate change. He travelled through the country and met farmers and urban inhabitants. Joep Janssen analyses the influence of the rapid economic developments on water management. He interviewed engineers who are involved in plans for improved coastal defence. And in a historical analysis he shows how the development of the city and its architecture have been influenced by French colonials as well as the canal ring of Amsterdam.

This book illustrates the dangers that delta areas in the world are facing. However, portraits of inhabitants of the Mekong Delta – with beautiful photos from Wytske van Keulen – also show how people in their own environment take initiatives to survive and benefit from the rising waters.

Back in town we go and eat some pancakes. We are not the only ones. The stall on the street is very busy. When the vendor, Mrs Huong (46), hears I am an architect, she asks me if I want to see her house. Three families live in the same house. From her bedroom, she looks out on the river, and in the background is a large bridge. She uses water from the river to clean the floor and wash herself, but it causes problems, too: ‘On Chinese New Year, half our house was flooded. That is much too early for the time of year. Every year, the water rises. We have to repair our house increasingly often, and we keep elevating it.’ In the near future, she will get money from the government to move. A dyke will be built to better protect the city against the rising water, and to secure the supply of fresh water.

Text and research Joep Janssen
Photography Wytske van Keulen

Paperback, 17×24 cm, 288 pages
ISBN 978-90-75271-94-2, NUR 648

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Editors Wim Timmermans, Martin Woestenburg, Jos Jonkhof, Mario Shllaku, Silvi Yano
Maps Hester Annema, Mario Shllaku, Silvi Yano

Paperback, 16×22 cm, 200 pages, full colour
ISBN 9789075271935

The publication was made possible together with Alterra Wageningen UR and Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein (VHL)

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The rooted city

European capitals and their connection with the landscape

Cities and landscape are inextricably linked to each other. Without landscape there is no city and without city there is no landscape as we know it. Nowadays it is hard to hold on to the distinction between landscape and city – the whole planet has become urban. This raises new questions. How can cities defend themselves against climate change? How can you guarantee the supply of drinking water in cities with tens of millions of residents? What can be done about smog choking metropoles? Is food security possible if there is less and less fertile farmland? The Rooted City investigates these questions by means of an essay and examples of thirty European cities. It is a source of inspiration for scientists, policy makers and citizens that are looking for creative answers for the city landscape of the 21st century.

Soon available: the digital version of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design 2015 in the IBookstore. Already available as IBook: BK Yearbook 2013 and BK Yearbook 2014

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On the Move

Landscape Architecture Europe #4 now in the iBooks Store

On the Move is a barometer of landscape architecture in Europe. This publication offers a selection of 44 contemporary projects on the basis of a democratic call for entries, controversial discussions by a European jury of practitioners, and design critiques formulated by the editors. And of course the book is richly illustrated with images and design drawings. Some landscape architects are on the move, breaking out of the silos of their discipline, sketching new professional profiles, and designing landscapes beyond the architectonic. Here are paths along which the profession can move away from outdated habits, conventional aesthetic language and fallacious institutional frameworks. As a result the book raises the awareness of what landscape architecture can contribute to society today.

On the Move contains three essays on the main themes in the book: Transformation (Healing Modernity), Curation (New Practices) and Heavy Heritage (Acknowledging the anthropocene). The book is produced in collaboration with the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) Europe and is the fourth in a series of triennial books on Landscape Architecture Europe produced by the LAE Foundation. The third edition In Touch received in 2012 the DAM award as one of the best books on architecture of that year. On the Move is available in print and now also in an ibook-version. The ibook offers extra images of projects and an advanced navigation lay out.

Enjoy reading, get on the move!

Impression of the IBook.

Impression of the book.

Editing and project descriptions Lisa Diedrich, Jessica Bridger, Mark Hendriks, Claudia Moll
Essays Lisa Diedrich, Annalisa Metta, Martin Prominski, Marinke Steenhuis
Selection jury Paolo L. Bürgi, Monika Gora, Jandirk Hoekstra, Thierry Kandjee, Laura Zampieri

Hardcover, 22×28,5 cm, 240 pages, full colour
ISBN 978-90-75271-82-9, NUR 648

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Project selection Guido Wallagh (voorzitter), Steven Delva, Mark Hendriks, Ellen Marcusse, Peter de Ruyter
Editing and text Martine Bakker, Rob van der Bijl, Marieke Berkers, Mark Hendriks (hoofdredactie), Marc Nolden, Peter Paul Witsen
Text contributions Bert Bukman, Eveline Pieters, Wouter Vanstiphout and Michelle Provoost
Photo report Theo Baart

DUTCH/ENG, paper back, 24x31cm, 168 pages, full colour,
ISBN 978-90-75271-89-8, NUR 648

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Dutch Yearbook 2015 / Landscape Architecture and Urban Design

19 remarkable projects – Design and migration – The Smart City and cultural question – The landscapes of Theo Baart

19 projects provide a sketch of the state of landscape architecture and urban planning in the Netherlands. Richly illustrated and with descriptions by experts, the 2015 Yearbook of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design shows how both disciplines have shaped the Netherlands in the past year. The Yearbook also addresses topical issues in the spatial planning field, such as the consequences of mass immigration for urban planning and ‘smart cities’ of the future. An impressive photo report by Theo Baart records the changing face of the country.

Yearbook 2015 is available in print and now also in an ibook-version. The ibook offers extra images of projects and an advanced navigation lay out.

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Platform 31

Editors and text Lisa Diedrich, Harry Harsema, Mark Hendriks, Gini Lee, Joep Janssen, Martine Bakker, Martin Dubbeling, Svava Riesto, Giorgio Piccinato, Flavio Sanches, Abel Coenen, and others

ENG, booklet, 17x 24,5 cm, 200+ pages, full colour

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’scape magazine

The international magazine for landscape architecture and urbanism

’scape is the international magazine for landscape architecture and urbanism. It offers a journalistic, critical and professional view of the design of landscapes and townscapes. ’scape informs, raises opinions and inspires. In 2016 ’scape appears in a combination of an ezine (5 x per year) and a magazine (1 booklet over 200 pages), both richly illustrated and attractively laid out. The ezine focusses on projects, columns and news. The magazine consists of dossiers, portraits, design criticism, and essays.
’scape is produced for garden and landscape architects, urban designers, architects, planners, ecologists, developers, geographers, artists and anyone in the public or private sectors and education or research with an interest in landscape and urban design.
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labatories, a portrait of Teresa Moller and design critiques on temporary interventions and pop up urban design.


– History and future of the border landscape
– Atlas, essays and design

Borderland is about the history and future of the zone straddling the Dutch border with Germany and Belgium. Although the internal borders in the European Union were opened more than twenty years ago, there is still no comprehensive and coordinated spatial vision for the borderland and the border.

In this book, landscape architect and regional designer Mark Eker and political geographer and border expert Henk van Houtum are joined by artists, designers, scientists and policy makers in a study of the border landscape. The book is an atlas, a design study and essay collection combined. It contains provocative and inspiring ideas and design concepts to enhance borderland policies and cross-border collaborations. In some places the border is dissolved, while in other places it is emphasised in an almost theatrical manner.

Editing, text and research Mark Eker, Henk van Houtum
With Geert van der Bruggen, Mariska van der Giessen, Joren Jacobs, Hanco Jürgens, Martine van Kampen, Olga Russel, Gijs Wallis de Vries
Photography Harry Cock and Paul le Clercq

NL/ENG, Paperback, 17×24 cm, 416 pages
ISBN 978-90-75271-54-6, NUR 648

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Price € 34,90